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im still the first one

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u/2jah Sep 20 '21

The post is exaggerated, but yes, when you drop from 144 fps to below 80, it's very noticeable.


u/sassiest01 Sep 20 '21

Yeah for sure, I play on a 144hz monitor with a GTX 980 and the frame drops I get are pretty crazy sometimes and always easy notice, sometimes worse of an experience then when I played god of war on my cousin's PS4 which I assume was running something like a locked 30fps.


u/2jah Sep 20 '21

Playing any game on my monitor (144hz) below 60 fps gives me a headache. But when I’m playing PS4 on a TV, it’s fine, no issues playing at 30 fps.


u/SjorsMaster Oct 04 '21

Tv's usually have smoothing enabled, combined with motion blur and you sitting further away could be it.