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im still the first one

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u/AidilAfham42 Sep 20 '21

Oh with the same bullshit story, I got the new internet cable technology. Many hours on CS, the bill racked up to about $500 USD at that time. I got chewed out for it, but he never found out it was CS, the computer shop guy told him it must be some background internet cache thingy, the guy told him I must be watching porn. That was easier to handle coz he was too embarrassed to confront me about it.


u/Zoo_Rats Sep 20 '21

When I was in high school, my Grandparents had a PC for the sole purpose of my Grandad buying stuff on ebay. He went to live auctions a lot so this was really exciting for him. My uncle, who was maybe 25-26 at the time, stayed there with my Aunt off and on, dude looked at something porn related and racked up the dial up bill and then denied it. I am pretty sure they thought it was me. I remember them showing me a desktop icon of a girl with her mouth open and asking if I knew anything about it.

Fast forward 15 years later, staying at the Aunt's while in town, late night sleeping down stairs by myself, everyone is in bed so I go to look for a DVD to watch and find behind the first row of DVDs... an entire hardcore porn collection....and then it clicked...like when Hank found out about Heisenberg.


u/AidilAfham42 Sep 20 '21

I’m picturing your Hank face while watching porn


u/Zoo_Rats Sep 20 '21

In retro...I should of left a note in the hidden porn stash, cut out magazine letters serial killer style... that read :

"I know what you did in 1995 at your mother in laws, the dial up charges...I am watching you!" .

.....and then deny that I had anything to do with it just to mess with him.