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im still the first one

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u/AidilAfham42 Sep 20 '21

Yes, it was for Rogue Squadron. He was a strict, short tempered dad. For me and my brother to pull that bullshit off was a tremendous achievement.


u/shdhdhhxdheh3u3h Sep 20 '21 edited Sep 20 '21


Arses must've been kicked when he saw the dial up bills.


u/AidilAfham42 Sep 20 '21

Oh with the same bullshit story, I got the new internet cable technology. Many hours on CS, the bill racked up to about $500 USD at that time. I got chewed out for it, but he never found out it was CS, the computer shop guy told him it must be some background internet cache thingy, the guy told him I must be watching porn. That was easier to handle coz he was too embarrassed to confront me about it.


u/DismalBackground1 Sep 20 '21

When did you find out of that?