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im still the first one

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u/antinazicanada Sep 20 '21

90's Gamers had to figure out how to get the darn audio drivers working in MS-DOS; which was often no easy task! As a young child, I had to figure out by trial and error that... Holy Heck this adverture game actually has real voice overs rather than just MIDI beeps and boops.


u/Halaster Sep 20 '21

Ahh, the joy of making sure your autoexec.bat is absolutely perfect, and still having to turn individual things on and off each boot to make sure you got that 585k of free conventional memory needed to run Ultima 7 with sound.


u/Zogtee Sep 20 '21

I remember I could confidently edit autoexec.bat and config.sys whenever I needed to. I'd be terrified to do tthat today. :D


u/AlsoInteresting Sep 20 '21

Don't forget the QEMM line.


u/turbotrixie1 Sep 20 '21

NOEMS Highscan!


u/GaryChalmers Sep 21 '21

DEVICEHIGH in the config.sys and LOADHIGH in the autoexec.bat. I could load all my drivers and still play Wing Commander with the speech pack.