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im still the first one

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u/AidilAfham42 Sep 20 '21

Yes, it was for Rogue Squadron. He was a strict, short tempered dad. For me and my brother to pull that bullshit off was a tremendous achievement.


u/shdhdhhxdheh3u3h Sep 20 '21 edited Sep 20 '21


Arses must've been kicked when he saw the dial up bills.


u/Mickus_B Sep 20 '21

Not the person you are responding to, but in my last weeks of high school, I sneaked a floppy disk into the drive of the internet computer (yes, the 1 computer that could access the internet) and copied the winsock dialer onto the disk and then tried running it from the floppy instead of the hard drive. When I realised that worked, I took the disk home and my school paid for my home internet then! This was in the times when dialup was by the hour and I pretty much stayed online permanently (set up a redial for when the ISP kicked me at the end of a 4 hr session) until a year later when the account finally stopped working.


u/SlyCooper007 Sep 20 '21

You mad man, props.