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im still the first one

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u/antinazicanada Sep 20 '21

90's Gamers had to figure out how to get the darn audio drivers working in MS-DOS; which was often no easy task! As a young child, I had to figure out by trial and error that... Holy Heck this adverture game actually has real voice overs rather than just MIDI beeps and boops.


u/Siigari Sep 20 '21

Port IRQ 7 was the holy port reserved for printers.


u/DeeSnow97 Sep 20 '21

printers should be burned at stake for the sins they have committed against all mankind


u/hoofglormuss Sep 20 '21

They're our bridge from the virtual world to the physical world there's bound to be some complications when changing realms


u/DeeSnow97 Sep 20 '21

Our? Am I speaking to an engram?