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im still the first one

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u/Polyking Sep 20 '21

I finish games on bad fps and don't realize the game wasn't supposed to look like that until I see other people play the same game on their setup


u/MaximumSubtlety Android Sep 20 '21

My first Bioshock playthrough was <without textures>. It was still very cool.


u/DeVliegendeBrabander Sep 20 '21

Wait, so like, with the purple and black squares all over the place? Or was it different back then?


u/MaximumSubtlety Android Sep 20 '21

Precisely! I don't remember the specifics, but my otherwise sufficient video card didn't have some specific proprietary shading hardware, so the game ran (not well, but well enough), but with virtually no textures. Eventually, there was an unofficial patch.


u/DeVliegendeBrabander Sep 20 '21

Yall were hardcore back in the day. Now people start to whine when their fps drops slightly below 100


u/ka7al Sep 20 '21

Yes that's the joke, But back then PC gaming was really not in a good spot with a lot of bad ports, Steam wasn't as big in the early 2000's. And games for windows live existed for some reason.

People now can spend a thousands of dollars on a graphics card and a high refresh rate monitor which is why they get angry when the game is not as optimized.


u/PhattBudz Sep 20 '21

Yes, that was the context of the whole post.


u/HailToTheVic Sep 20 '21

Way to repeat the fucking joke


u/TwoCoresOneThread Sep 20 '21

but my otherwise sufficient video card didn't have some specific proprietary shading hardware

Uh, that game simply needed any GPU supporting DirectX 9 that had at least 128MB VRAM, as a minimum. DX9 was standard on all consumer cards from both Nvidia and ATI by early 2004, so yours must have been rather old...


u/MaximumSubtlety Android Sep 20 '21

If I remember correctly, it was an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro. No, should've been an x850 by then. I think it didn't support shader 3.0. It's been a while. Anyway, CS:Go and WoW ran fine, so I was otherwise unbothered.