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im still the first one

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u/Bicdut Sep 20 '21

I had to buy a card for $70 to get pixel shading support to play black and white 2. I still play it every now and again but there's no npc ai. I still have each enemy movement memorized. Need a mod for that.


u/Gabcab Sep 20 '21

They should make a Black and White 3!


u/Oscar_Geare Sep 20 '21

I’ve always thought it’s the perfect game for VR


u/what_comes_after_q Sep 20 '21

Or just remaster BW1. There is no legal way to own BW on a modern PC unless you still have the original disks. Considering many PCs no longer even have a CD-ROM, that means most people are SOL.


u/Bicdut Sep 20 '21

I'm missing one disk of 4 for bw2 so I downloaded it.