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im still the first one

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u/antinazicanada Sep 20 '21

90's Gamers had to figure out how to get the darn audio drivers working in MS-DOS; which was often no easy task! As a young child, I had to figure out by trial and error that... Holy Heck this adverture game actually has real voice overs rather than just MIDI beeps and boops.


u/Halaster Sep 20 '21

Ahh, the joy of making sure your autoexec.bat is absolutely perfect, and still having to turn individual things on and off each boot to make sure you got that 585k of free conventional memory needed to run Ultima 7 with sound.


u/AndySchneider Sep 20 '21

I remember building an autoexec.bat with different configurations you could select on boot. So, load the CD ROM drivers or not, etc. I had a config just for Ultima 7, customized just for that game, which launched the exe directly after booting, because it was useless for anything else.


u/CrashMonkey_21 Sep 20 '21

Managed the same thing as a kid but had no idea what I was doing.

Would delete lines of the autoexec, test what games and functions worked and save it to a disk. Trial and error but eventually had a few disks for different games.


u/xpritee Sep 20 '21

Not far from modern software development process.


u/masterventris Sep 20 '21

On more than one occasion I have binary searched the codebase to work out where a bug was happening, either with breakpoints or just commenting out half the file depending on how much I cared.


u/xpritee Sep 20 '21



"ah it didn't reach here"


u/KairosHS Sep 20 '21

LOL I still do that


u/mejelic Sep 20 '21

Welcome to debugging...


u/Jaoup Sep 20 '21

What is this foreign language you are using? :D


u/The_Crying_Banana Sep 20 '21

You did it right


u/Dragnod Sep 20 '21

Yes I remember those days. I don't need no mouse driver for Grand Prix, so that's gotta go.


u/lmnjello Sep 20 '21

Or a separate config.sys that disables that one memory manager that every other program on your PC needed to work, but kept causing Commander Keen to crash on startup.


u/BobVosh Sep 20 '21

Ultima was a mess in general, I had to mess a lot to get my Underworld 1+2 working.