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im still the first one

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u/antinazicanada Sep 20 '21

90's Gamers had to figure out how to get the darn audio drivers working in MS-DOS; which was often no easy task! As a young child, I had to figure out by trial and error that... Holy Heck this adverture game actually has real voice overs rather than just MIDI beeps and boops.


u/FinishingDutch Sep 20 '21

Yup. I'm so glad I grew up on stuff like MS-DOS and Windows '95. When you basically had to figure out HOW it worked in order to GET it working.

Don't get me wrong, it's great that we now have auto-updating drivers, easy installs, etc... but that doesn't quite breed problem-solving skills like what us early 90's gamers needed to have. Still, it's great that we can now just Google a problem instead of having to spend half a day to figure out WHY THE GODDAMN GAME ISN'T RECOGNIZING THE AUDIO CARD IT SHOULD GODDAMN WORK ON THIS IRQ....



u/tombombcrongadil Sep 20 '21

Windows 95 actually changed quite a bit as far as loading games. Windows 3.1 didn’t even boot when you powered your pc. It booted to MS-dos and you had to run win.exe to get into Windows. Some games would run in 3.1 but most the time you’d actually close Windows, go back to dos and use cd/ to get to your games exe file.


u/FinishingDutch Sep 20 '21

Yup, remember that well....

Exit Windows...

cd duke3d

I actually still use the command prompt for certain things; even in 2021 there's still some software that uses it.

If only we could still do that today, right? Imagine what your PC could do with games if you didn't need to run that complete OS, your antivrus, your game launcher, etc. etc. in the background.