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im still the first one

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u/Kanehammer Sep 20 '21

I literally saw a dude say that control on PS4 was borderline unplayable


u/Much_Feed_280 Sep 20 '21

To be fair, Control is pretty rough on PS4. It does have a lot going on screen to justify it though, it's a very pretty game.

Bloodborne on the other hand is so jank that I felt sick trying to play it for a few hours until I adjusted.


u/aidenyyy Sep 20 '21

Yea, bb is really jank on ps4, thank goodness they have stable 30 on ps5 so my fps doesnt drop to 5 anymore lol, such a good game regardless tho


u/ESDinah Sep 20 '21

Fps isnt the issue, you got 30 on base ps4. The problem is improper frame pacing, which also exists on the ps5.


u/mochi_chan PC Sep 20 '21

Control? What was their gripe with it though?
I only played on PC, I had to turn off raytracing, but it was normal to me...


u/Kanehammer Sep 20 '21

Apparently the resolution and frame drops


u/nightmaresabin Sep 20 '21

Control on base PS4 struggles to hit 30 FPS, routinely dropping down to 20 and hitting 10 FPS in the worst areas.


u/mochi_chan PC Sep 20 '21

Oh dear, that would make gameplay very difficult especially for a game like Control.

I never owned consoles because I can't really take them apart and update bits (and they don't double as a workstation for my other work), so there are many things I don't know about them.


u/sahmackle Sep 20 '21

I'm not sure of the game you at talking about, but don't Sony have minimum total and minimum average fps standards for games? And was he bitching about 720p or something I think is entirely decent?


u/ponzLL Sep 20 '21

I literally built my latest PC because I couldn't handle the shit FPS on my PS4 Pro when I played AC: Odyssey. I swear it dropped into single digit FPS at times.