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im still the first one

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u/Retard_2028 Sep 20 '21

Insert disk 7 of 15


u/antinazicanada Sep 20 '21

Floppy disk?


u/TurkTurkle Console Sep 20 '21

Low density 0.7 mb


u/Agent-r00t Sep 20 '21

That was actually double sided, double density, not low density. I think (because I never used single density), double sided, single density was 360kb.

I know the 3" non standard disks used on Amstrad type computers was around 180kb per side. Which seems to about match that though. I used those.


u/Drix22 Sep 20 '21

Don't copy that floppy!


u/Trodamus Sep 20 '21

Doom came on a bunch of floppies.

Also DVD drive adoption came just about when digital distribution was taking off. Most games came on CD even up through the end, although some came on both. CD games would have multiple discs, up to and including a separate "play" disc (a form of DRM).