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im still the first one

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u/Retard_2028 Sep 20 '21

Insert disk 7 of 15


u/SolomonSinclair Sep 20 '21

I remember getting the original Fable on PC and being excited that it was only 4 discs.


u/HappyGuyDK Sep 20 '21

I have a bit of an opposite memory, but from the same studio.
The Movies came on a DVD, which was pretty standard, but the expansion came on a CD.

For some reason I thought it was pretty interesting how it was all on just one CD.
Especially because games on CD's weren't common at that point. (I think?)


u/DBNSZerhyn Sep 20 '21

Especially because games on CD's weren't common at that point. (I think?)

The Movies came out in 2005 after DVD players had entered their sunset years, so yeah, having anything still coming on a CD that wasn't music was pretty rare.


u/sahmackle Sep 20 '21

I've still got my wing commander 3 game somewhere about here. 4 full cd's of 3d rendered game and cut scene content.


u/Kiisulojanu Sep 20 '21

I remember getting wolfenstein the new order for xbox360 and that motherfucker had 4 discs in 2014


u/Waygyanba Sep 20 '21

I still remember my dad coming home with cod 2, 6 damn discs and I being genuinely excited watching the installation screen update with new screenshots of the game.

Once that was all done. Hearing the surround sound for the first time was genuinely incredible

They don't make games as exciting like they used to....


u/DasArchitect Sep 20 '21

Disk 12 corrupted. Abort, Retry, Ignore?


u/sAindustrian Sep 20 '21

I once backed up all my C drive to a 37-disk spanned zip file.

You just reminded me of disk 34. :(


u/konohasaiyajin Sep 20 '21

I remember once trying to back up a set of install disks to a drive. The installers were hard coded to read the floppy drive though, so it would start but then just keep trying to read A: for disk 2.


u/sAindustrian Sep 20 '21

I wonder if any younger IT people wonder what happened to the A and B drives of their computer.

They're reserved for floppy disk drives. You know, because having two floppy drives is something that we all had back in the 17th Century.


u/konohasaiyajin Sep 21 '21

I had a 186 Special. It was called Special because it had two 5.25" Floppy Drives. Hard Drives weren't really a thing back then (at least not for home consumers) so this allowed you to leave the boot disk in while you read the program disks from the other drive.

IIRC I think with the Turbo button on the CPU could run at a blistering 1/4 of a MHz.


u/Mortress_ Sep 20 '21

If only you made a bunch of smaller zip files instead of a huge one.


u/sAindustrian Sep 20 '21

1999 me appreciates your advice.

People nowadays have no idea how lucky they are in regards to backup options. Not to mention having an operating system they can trust not to randomly self destruct.

It feels weird in retrospect talking about spanning a zip file over floppy disks.


u/BlueRaventoo Sep 20 '21

Until you could get a "Zip drive*...that was great for backups! Well, I think it was...never actually restored from one of those as it was just as easy to reformat the hdd and reinstall MS-DOS and Windows from scratch most of the time.

Remember when programs and OS were written by humans to be as small as possible since if you had a 500mb hdd you were a techie? Pepperidge Farm remembers....


u/DasArchitect Sep 20 '21

Cries in 60GB for Hitman 22


u/dimuthu_chamara Sep 22 '21

Yes that is right


u/geschtonkenflapped Sep 20 '21 edited Sep 20 '21

Only 15? I remember games with over 30. Of course it was always one of the last floppies that broke


u/Doctor_Kataigida Sep 20 '21

What game had 30?


u/geschtonkenflapped Sep 20 '21

I don't exactly remember, I think it was in the days when games were already coming out on CD ROM but could also be split over multiple floppy disks which was the preferred way of pirating because nobody could afford CD burners so you ended up with multipart rar/zip files spread across dozens of floppies


u/MrXwiix Sep 20 '21

Oh man this triggered PTSD as I had limited PC time and sometimes installing a new game wasn't done so I had to beg my parent to switch the disk during an install when I wasn't allowed to play anymore


u/antinazicanada Sep 20 '21

Floppy disk?


u/TurkTurkle Console Sep 20 '21

Low density 0.7 mb


u/Agent-r00t Sep 20 '21

That was actually double sided, double density, not low density. I think (because I never used single density), double sided, single density was 360kb.

I know the 3" non standard disks used on Amstrad type computers was around 180kb per side. Which seems to about match that though. I used those.


u/Drix22 Sep 20 '21

Don't copy that floppy!


u/Trodamus Sep 20 '21

Doom came on a bunch of floppies.

Also DVD drive adoption came just about when digital distribution was taking off. Most games came on CD even up through the end, although some came on both. CD games would have multiple discs, up to and including a separate "play" disc (a form of DRM).


u/[deleted] Sep 20 '21

Lemmings was like 7 floppies


u/BatmanSays5 PC Sep 20 '21

Wing commander?


u/i8bb8 Sep 20 '21

Original wing commander was the shit. Joystick flight controls, Iceman, Kilrathi cat people... Fuck yeah.


u/MoistPoolish Sep 20 '21

My first PC didn’t even have a friggin’ hard drive so it was “insert disk 7 of 15” all day long when playing Police Quest.


u/TheQuiet1994 Sep 20 '21

Ah yes. The classic fresh install of Wrath of the Lich King


u/oo_Mxg Sep 20 '21

GTA 5 on Xbox 360


u/craftychap Sep 20 '21

And before that it was loading games in by cassette tapes on the Spectrum and Commodore.


u/mattkenefick Sep 20 '21

More like disk 34 of 52 and then you find out disk 45 is missing.

Edit: Go to the AOL warez chatrooms and ask `/server` for a list w DOOM II; see if they have disk 45 on it


u/CaptainNoFriends Sep 20 '21

It took forever and many disks to install Star Trek. That old point and click adventure game.


u/CWinter85 Sep 20 '21

Baldur's Gate......


u/AvengesTheStorm Sep 20 '21

I'm too young for this thread, this is the only joke that I can relate to


u/portar1985 Sep 20 '21

Oooh, I remember when my brother got "Beneath a Steel Sky". It had a ridiculous amount of disks and took 2 days to install. Both of us were terrified that any of these disks would be corrupt xD


u/ws1173 Sep 20 '21

Me playing Riven on PC on 5 discs, I just refered to the different islands/areas by what cd they were on.


u/what_comes_after_q Sep 20 '21

floppies were one thing, but there was something deeply satisfying about a CD-ROM game on multiple CDs. Like, when you saw the binder of CDs for Baldur's Gate, you knew you were in for a serious game.