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im still the first one

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u/[deleted] Sep 20 '21

"is it my fault I'm shit? No it's definitely the fps drop"


u/[deleted] Sep 20 '21

Teammate getting absolutely dumpstered in Overwatch.

Teammate in comms: "Oh my god this laagggg"


u/fuckprecalc Sep 20 '21

Man the thing is when it actually is lag you just gotta stay quiet cuz no one is gonna believe u


u/MakiKatomori Sep 20 '21

If I see lag and die to it I'm just like oh that happened welp let's just respawn.


u/Shrave Sep 20 '21

I die a lot when there is lag and when there isn't so it makes no difference for me at this point.


u/[deleted] Sep 20 '21

Dude I used to play cs1.6 on early DSL haha Those were lag days


u/hangtime79 Sep 20 '21

Quake II on a 56K modem that never connected above 26.4K. We invented the term HPB. This is my lawn.


u/FinishingDutch Sep 20 '21

The very first online game I played was Team Fortress Classic on 56k. I remember being completely blown away that, not only was I playing with actual people, I was playing with people halfway across the world.

It was all very friendly, not toxic at all. Because to everyone, the experience was so very new.


u/idsan Sep 20 '21

Not quite that far back, but I used to think there was bullet travel time in Halo CE multiplayer because of how far I had to lead the target to combat what was actually lag. Fun times.


u/zb0t1 Sep 20 '21

Well I had to do that on Quake, UT, early BF and Cod because I used to live more than 10k kms away from Europe, and I had like 250ms playing. It teaches you to predict a lot and when you play in Europe with low ping later your skill is insane because you learned how to predict dodges and movements (also behind corners).

But today I won't even play if I have more than 60-70ms online haha.


u/Vaskaduzea1702 Sep 20 '21

i believe thats why they added sound on dmg in quake, and later on hitmarkers in cod


u/[deleted] Sep 20 '21

Yep, i remember playing that too, good times👍


u/[deleted] Sep 20 '21

Quake 3 arena with the DBZ mod ftw!!


u/Sp99nHead Sep 20 '21

I was so happy when i called my ISP to activate fastpath


u/Guerillagreasemonkey Sep 20 '21

I played on dialup, I got used to 250ms lag as a best case.

I was an absolute monster on LAN because it felt like I had superpowers.


u/Zambito1 Sep 20 '21

I used to play CSGO on DSL :(


u/Earthboom Sep 20 '21

Latency is a silent killer. It's one thing if I'm trash but another if I'm fighting the code, and they're trash. That just hurts.


u/zxern Sep 20 '21

Lol I remember playing FPS games on dialup with 400+ ping and gaming the netcode by shooting before I came around the corner. It was 50/50 chance the server would think I was already around the corner when I fired.


u/[deleted] Sep 20 '21

A few days ago I was playing TF2 and was playing against other Sniper. I saw him, aimed at a head, shot him, but he didn't die and killed me. I've said that it's lag, he answered with "Yeah sure"

When lag stopped, I've killed him 3 times in a row and he said "I guess it really was a lag"


u/SageHunter Sep 20 '21

Call out lagg before you die of it, problem solved!

Honestly, one feature I do like in LoL is that you can ping your ms


u/Ermellino Sep 20 '21

You can message your ping in LoL. So you can prove it, unless it's random 1k spikes that quickly go back to normal


u/StormKiller1 Sep 20 '21

Only if its not that bad, my internet goes crazy on some weekends and my team can see me teleporting around the map with a crazy ping.


u/pawnyourbaby Sep 20 '21

You just have to be creative. Don’t say you’re lagging, instead say something like “anyone else see that Roadhog rubber banding? Just me? Fuckin lag!”


u/Aethz3 Sep 20 '21

until you tap tab and see yourself at 200 ping while others are at 18


u/Elgatee Sep 20 '21

I rarely die from lag. It's just that lag prevent my enemy's death. That is infuriating. I'm taking risk to take his life. I know I can and will die sometimes. I just hate when random bullshit mean my risk turns from calculated to "FU" without my own input.


u/rmorrin Sep 20 '21

I've had times where my frames have dropped from 144+ to sub 50. And I'm just like ?!?!?! It's so jarring when frame stutters and shit happen


u/iscorama Sep 20 '21

Yeah, it’s not your terrible reflexes or aim. It’s fucking XFINITY, bro!


u/deconnexion1 Sep 20 '21

I have lag between my brain and my hand.


u/ZadockTheHunter Sep 20 '21

"My ping just spiked to 60 guys, unplayable!"


u/UnartisticChoices Sep 20 '21

I mean, if your used to like 10 ping I guess a jump to 60 would feel like a lot but since I've never experienced it I can't really say anything about it.


u/Nogiogo Sep 20 '21

I would rather take this ping than have 80-85 ping.


u/SoulOfTheDragon Sep 20 '21

I don't think i've ever had connection that has managed below 40 during gaming. Usually it's around 60ms. But hell was it pain when EA matchmaked me to +250 ms server yesterday...


u/ikmyusername Sep 20 '21

Spikes are pretty bad, sometimes my ping spikes to 70 and the game is unplayable for a couple of seconds because I rubberband everywhere.


u/Flabbergash Sep 20 '21

She's too tanky


u/CWinter85 Sep 20 '21

I remember playing QuakeWorld 2Forts on GameSpy. Getting the Ping under 300 was like playing as Spider-Man. You could react so quickly it was basically cheating.