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im still the first one

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u/Gbud350 Sep 20 '21

I remember building a pc to end up with a combination of components that just wouldn't play a certain game.

Those two components use the same interupt.. bah!


u/greatspacegibbon Sep 20 '21

Good old days of manually setting IRQ and DMA settings.


u/sAindustrian Sep 20 '21



u/DeterminedThrowaway Sep 20 '21

You unlocked a PTSD flashback I forgot I had


u/TwoCoresOneThread Sep 20 '21


You'll still see this nowadays with an unstable RAM OC


u/ryhaltswhiskey Sep 20 '21

Someone the other day was like "usb blows". I was like oh my sweet summer child.


u/greatspacegibbon Sep 20 '21

Ahh, the good old days when you could tell what you were plugging in from the connector. Making your own serial crossover cables for some multiplayer Doom or Descent. Raytracing a single image overnight. Good memories.


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u/gay_manta_ray Sep 20 '21 edited Sep 20 '21

8k is only like 400 times as many pixels as 240p, not a huge difference tbh.

edit: not sure why this was downvoted as it was a joke. 240p was 320x240 in the 80s/90s, 426x240 was not a resolution that ever existed because no one had 16:9 monitors, in fact 16:10 was adopted way before 16:9.


u/TheDanishPencil Sep 20 '21

240p is 426x240 pixels, aka 102.204 pixels.

8k is 7680x4320 pixels, or 33.107.600 pixels.

So it's actually 'only' like 323 times more, but that still makes a huge difference for render times and such.


u/jnd-cz Sep 20 '21

The scene also has 1000x or much more polygons or what is measured these days.


u/Agent-r00t Sep 20 '21

The Amiga higher colour modes were 320x200 or 320x256 (pal). There were no tv standard widths back then for computers.

Now it could also have been 640x200/256. In which case it's even less times more.


u/gay_manta_ray Sep 20 '21

lol this guy literally just figured out what 16:9 would be at "240p" and assumed that was the resolution people used back then. christ.


u/gay_manta_ray Sep 20 '21 edited Sep 20 '21

at the time everything was 4:3 or 3:2 so 240p was usually 320x240, 426x240 was not a resolution that ever existed because no one had a 16:9 monitor, in fact 16:10 was adopted way before 16:9.


u/Asshole_with_facts Sep 20 '21

Null modem cable connection for command and conquer for near lag free play was insane.

Playing 2nd gen fps like quake, hexen, heretic II, duke nukem, redneck rampage, and the unbelievably funny shadow warrior defined my childhood, including the hour or so it took to get the games to work before playing!


u/WangnanJahad Sep 20 '21

Been on Pov-Ray's website recently? I swear it's frozen in time.


u/DdCno1 Sep 20 '21

Sure, it's oldschool, but it works. There's also lots of impressive stuff from the olden days, like this fantastic 21 year old render:



u/alamaias Sep 20 '21

I remember hating mouselook...


u/ryhaltswhiskey Sep 20 '21



u/alamaias Sep 20 '21

Sooo, you know how you use the mouse to look around? In most games now?

Back in the quake/cybermage ^(nobody else has played this game but it is still a classic) "pre-WASD" days, lookin around with the mouse was a weird option that I thought was really clunky and unnecessary. I could look up and down with the pgup and pgdn keys if I needed to.


u/ryhaltswhiskey Sep 20 '21

Wow that is a blast from the past. I can't remember the first game that I played that had that, it might have been Ultima underworld...


u/zilltheinfestor Sep 20 '21

lol excuse me? How old was this person!? Did they think components always just magically worked when you plugged them in?


u/roadrunner5u64fi Sep 20 '21

I’m thankful every day that I was born in the early 90s and my dad was a software dev, so this stuff just worked for me. I’m in IT and Development as well so I don’t doubt I would have enjoyed it just as much as I enjoyed tinkering with and building computers in the early 2000s, but it certainly is nice that I got to reap all the benefits of a techie dad at an early age.


u/Gbud350 Sep 20 '21

Was so fucking frustrating at times.. but once you had it set up, it felt so good.


u/kelryngrey Sep 20 '21

Ugh. I had that happen. I think it was Midtown Madness just absolutely wouldn't run on my video card. I was so annoyed because I just wanted to drive around and crash into shit with my friends. Oh well, AoK worked.


u/gourmetguy2000 Sep 20 '21

I remember when changing a jumper on your MB could double your clock speed, with no more heatsink required or anything


u/Gbud350 Sep 20 '21

Don't forget to hit the turbo button.


u/gourmetguy2000 Sep 20 '21

Haha yes I think that was plugged into the same jumper. Imagine just changing the bios clock on the fly nowadays