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Kitchen walk out. Somebody didn't take that well....



u/jmiller370 Jul 05 '22 Silver Gold Helpful

Call an attorney and file a police report show them this asap


u/Relevant-Somewhere57 Jul 05 '22

Apparently threatening people is this guys “thing”

Check out their Google reviews- Shaker’s Cigar Bar in Milwaukee. Dudes a nut.


u/[deleted] Jul 05 '22

He threatened to send his “cuban guy” to kill someone over a 1 star review. Just blatantly for everyone to see on google reviews, with his name as “Owner” of the cigar bar attached. Dude is absolutely unhinged and it’s a miracle his business made it as long as it did. Good riddance.


u/nekollx Jul 05 '22

this, he put a litteral threat in writing, this



u/Mindless-Delay720 Jul 05 '22

And the restaurants name and owners name:::drum roll:::

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u/Phanourius Jul 05 '22

I love that this ass hat is belittling, and scorning his staff while simultaneously admitting he can't fire them. So they are shallow minded children who are ruining his business, but he cant fire them because "post pandemic". In one fell swoop admitting their value! Your business is only as good as your staff. It seems he still hasn't realized this. If its so easy for your staff to "ruin" your business then why is it so hard for you to admit: it was your staff who is responsible for your business's sucess in the first place.


u/HA2022_ Jul 05 '22

Op wasn’t involved, they are just sharing this post

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u/dirthurts Jul 05 '22 Silver Ally

I would post this as a review. That's just me though.


u/TheSecretNewbie Jul 05 '22 Gold

Hijacking top comment:

Apparently his child doesn’t associate with him and he forces his female staff to dress provocatively to bring in more customers. He also encourages them to sleep with clients upstairs. He even sells their bath water on their OF page 💀

He also never served in the Military whatsoever as he was found unfit for service. They’re exposing him on r/Milwaukee



u/dirthurts Jul 05 '22

This guy is a real piece of garbage it looks like.


u/IndigoEmerald91 Jul 05 '22

Done and done.


u/0ops-Sorry Jul 05 '22

Be sure to attach the images supplied by OP. Great thing to find while scrolling through images of the business

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u/[deleted] Jul 05 '22 edited Jul 05 '22 Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote

[removed] — view removed comment


u/nitabearuwu Jul 05 '22

“Overpriced cocktails are a joke. Rail rum in a “bacardi cocktail”, really? The owner seems to have a god complex in these google review replies. If you really want to have a high end cocktail bar, make sure your liquors are top shelf and not pretentiously over priced.”

“Cancel culture.”


u/miken322 Jul 05 '22

Back in the early 00’s there was a high end cocktail bar in my town. They were famous for house infused vodkas only they used the shittiest vodka for their cocktail infusions yet all the rich people drank that shit up and gave it rave reviews even though they were paying $15 for a bottom shelf vodka cocktail.

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u/nitabearuwu Jul 05 '22

What the fuck?

“Grab your ankles pal. We shall send our collection agents to have a conversation. This is a multigenerational business and the only licensed cigar biz in MKE. There is a price to pay for intentionally trying to disrupt legitimate operations. Take your mob attitude somewhere else. Furnish your digits, sweet cheeks, or make us find you. Cheers.”


u/AsOneLives Jul 05 '22

Even 6 years ago at least they were vaguely threatening people leaving bad reviews. ~I’m thrilled you chose to leave your name in the Information Age.


u/nitabearuwu Jul 05 '22

Right? Saw them being nasty with a woman who said Bob was behaving inappropriately and even asked the group of women to go home with him and he looked at her profile and used her information against her. This dude has mental issues.


u/AsOneLives Jul 05 '22

Hope he catches that beef with seasoning

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u/ES-345 Jul 05 '22

Why does he complain about, “mob attitude,” when he started off talking about having his collection agents find him? This guy is mentally unstable.

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u/GreyInkling Jul 05 '22

The guy replies to every review and sounds like a psychopath even for positive reviews. If I gave a place a 5 star review and got one of those unhinged replies it would scare me off.


u/Rallipappa Jul 05 '22

"Cancel culture"

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u/Pure_Golden Jul 05 '22

"The service was great! After reading other reviews, I went to be dangled off the roof by a Serbian man while listening to the owner threaten the other staff but still decline to fire them. Being dangled off the roof helped crack my back, and listening to the horrific ownership made me realize how great it is to not be a major jerk myself. A wonderful chance to put things in perspective - Highly recommend!"

This review😂😂👌


u/TheBrighteye Jul 05 '22

The Cuban who was supposed to drag me up to a roof and toss me over the edge was 45 minutes late. This place has really gone downhill since Vietnam.

This one was my favorite lmao


u/haleyhurricane Jul 05 '22

Oh my god he responds to EVERYTHING

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u/Talik1978 Jul 05 '22

I'd forward it to police too. It seems like a pretty clear threat, accompanied by descriptions of specific potential violent and illegal acts.

Rare to see someone put it in writing.

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u/eVerYtHiNgIsTaKeN-_- Jul 05 '22

Is that a double negative death threat? And he was in Nam? Or is he from nam?

What's a food program?


u/Ok_Olive9438 Jul 05 '22

I think it means when the chef walked, they took their recipes with them, so the entire menu (or menus, if this is the kind of place with a restaurant menu and a bar menu) has to be redone from scratch.


u/Orange-Murderer Jul 05 '22

I think it means when the chef walked, they took their recipes with them, so the entire menu

They definitely did. It's what I did and it's what other chefs I've known have done. It's also quite funny when management accuse you of stealing their knives when in fact they've never purchased any and most chefs only use their own.


u/nityjalapeno Jul 05 '22

I walked out of my last job with my knives in hand and the KM says " Leave that case, It's our property"

Excuse the fuck outta me Decker but ya'll didn't even have a paring knife before I started, and this set belongs to me. What KM is going to order Damascus/Adonized blades? NONE YA DICK.


u/JulienBrightside Jul 05 '22 Silver Gold Wholesome

Leave that case, It's our property"

"Big words for someone without a knife"


u/gudbote Jul 05 '22

"What are you going to do, stab me?"


u/-BoldlyGoingNowhere- Jul 05 '22

"What are you going to do, stab me?"

-Stabbed guy who did not see the imminent stabbing coming.

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u/Hiro_Trevelyan Jul 05 '22

"gimme back the knives that I didn't pay for !"


u/Quick_Mel (edit this) Jul 05 '22

I have my own, can confirm. But there are house knives that almost nobody uses


u/samiig90 Jul 05 '22

Can confirm no chef uses the supplied knives unless we HAVE to. Which I found funny because my chef actually got our regularly sharpened and they were bad.

My kit got used regularly to the point where I had to hide it and only lend out stuff to a few people, then someone borrowed my global without asking and put a massive chip in it. I was NOT pleased and they refused to do anything, Chef took me knife shopping to replace it. I had a good chef but MAN we were underpaid.


u/mysterymalts Jul 05 '22

Ah I had something similar happen when I worked at a sushi bar. Apparently one of the line cooks grabbed a custom knife from one of the sushi chefs who had it made in Japan. He used it to break down boxes out back and left it on the ground. There was a chip in it from being dropped and he was forced to replace the $1500 knife.


u/patb2015 Jul 05 '22

I had a Japanese steel slicing knife and my mother who had been explicitly told not to use my knives went and took it from My drawer to chop ice off a frozen gutter.

Then she put it back with the blade looking like pinking shears


u/DJTen Jul 05 '22

My brother-in-law is a chef. He showed us his knives last weekend when the family got together for a vacation. He wasn't even cooking and he still brought his knives with him.


u/bikersquid Jul 05 '22

I whack em against frozen stuff sometimes


u/wanttowritemore Jul 05 '22

Great to open boxes with.

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u/Jacuzzi100 Jul 05 '22

People are so fucking stupid. They start restaurants with no kitchen experience. They become landlords with no maintenance experience.


u/ForwardCulture Jul 05 '22

Every restaurant owner I’ve done work for is batsh*t crazy. All of them. All absentee owners also. I do work for a group of houses and one of them is a local restaurant owner that insists in work for him and I keep turning him down. He spends most of his time at his vacation home several states away while belittling his restaurant employees to anyone that listens and when he is home a week or so per month he terrorizes the neighborhood.


u/thedancinghippie Jul 05 '22

My last owner I worked for, saw the spreadsheet I made him to track his menu mix and food cost (took me 30 minutes haha) and backed the fuck off for the next 3 years. If I said we needed something, he bought it. If I said we should add something to the menu, it was on there. The only time he ever overrode me was in deciding menu prices and he ended up being right.

Really fucking appreciated him. Never been in an environment like that before.


u/uninspired_walnut Jul 05 '22

Can confirm. Worked as an Administrative Assistant directly under a restaurant owner and she was batshit insane.

  • She had no idea what the cost of food was. We “updated” our menus, so I was tasked with creating new descriptions and layouts for the menus…including food prices. Everyone that worked there had no idea what the food they made cost, so they just guesstimated price increases. $20 for a salad. No protein on said $20 salad.

  • She had an outdated phone system for her three restaurants that cost her like…a thousand dollars a month. She asked me to “fix” them so they could be cheaper. I found a place that would redo our phone system for like $100-200 a month or something and she said no and just decided to keep the existing phone system. I even had a graph showing how we’d be saving close to $10k a year on the damn phones but NOOOOO, that was too complicated for her.

  • She opened a new location, but changed the hours, COMPLETELY changed the menu, and changed the branding only at that location. The only thing that actually stayed the same was the business name. They also spent well over two years paying rent on an empty building before finally starting construction.


u/The_Musing_Platypus Jul 05 '22

How the fuck is this person still in business, let alone making any profit? I also help run a small business and this type of ineptitude is astounding.

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u/wltmpinyc Jul 05 '22

I've worked in restaurants for over 20 years, so many different places, and I honestly prefer an absentee owner. At least they're not there getting in the way. The worst for me is an owner with no restaurant experience following behind everyone micro managing them, freaking out anytime ANYTHING happens but not willing to do any work (bus tables, run food, take orders). Or ones who come in every night for dinner. I had an owner that would come in three or four times a week with his wife for dinner. They always sat during the rush at the one outside table we had and then would call the restaurant from their cell if they needed more water or bread or to tell us that one of the tables looked like they needed something. If you're an owner with no experience and no will to learn how a successful restaurant works I'd rather you not be there. Just my opinion.

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u/fluffyxsama Jul 05 '22

Vaguely reminds me of when I quit a math tutoring center job and the owner was so angry that I didn't leave my personal calculators that I brought from home so the students would have more to work with.

One of them was my TI nSpire CAS graphing calculator, and I had brought another TI 89 and a couple of TI-30 XS multiviews. Like... Bitch you can't have my stuff.

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u/Evening-Turnip8407 Jul 05 '22

Hahahahaha, and he calls it something convoluted so he doesn't have to face the fact that his restaurant is a hot pile of horse shit without all those replaceable good for nothing people


u/ehh_whatever_works Jul 05 '22

"I didn't appreciate someone with integral knowledge to my business, they quit, that's obviously everyone else's fault"


u/llorandosefue1 Jul 05 '22

“I didn’t secure recipes for my signature dishes, so you’re garbage.”

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u/DanelleDee Jul 05 '22

The chef did this at my first restaurant job! I was hired as a prep cook to chop veggies and roll pizza dough. I occasionally helped on the line preparing salads and bruschetta. Then all of a sudden I'm scheduled alone on Fridays and Saturdays and told to figure out how to replace the items we ran out of. It was like that Top Chef challenge where they have to taste a recipe and recreate it, times an entire menu. It was a ridiculous place to work, although I did get to put some of my own creations on the menu as the "chefs special," which was pretty cool for a 21 year old with no background in cooking professionally.


u/EphraimJenkins Jul 05 '22

Le grilled cheese


u/Bartydogsgd Jul 05 '22

Soup du jour: Campbell's Tomato

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u/mybadroommate Jul 05 '22 Silver

A basin of glazed miniature wheats, lightly coated with microfiltred half-skim cow's milk

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u/Friendofthegarden Jul 05 '22

What's a food program?

The most important thing a chef has in his arsenal. Can't run a restaurant well without one. Every recipe, menu, cost and price , cook time, prep schedule, etc. I have a few myself from my chef days. Whoever the asshole owner is in this post, they are proper fucked.


u/RolandDeepson Jul 05 '22

Whoever the asshole owner is in this post, they are proper fucked.

This makes me happy.

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u/Clickrack Jul 05 '22

Whoever the asshole owner is in this post, they are proper fucked.

The cosmic ballet goes on


u/TyrionsCodpiece Jul 05 '22

Any smart restaurant keeps copies of their food program...

This clearly is not a smart restaurant though.


u/Friendofthegarden Jul 05 '22

100%. Had my last sous copy/translate my last program before I left the biz. Last I checked she was still there, killing it.


u/Ok_Aspect_101 Jul 05 '22

Hopefully she is treated well and treats others well. I've never seen a boss or owner make such idle threats like this lmao


u/Friendofthegarden Jul 05 '22 Gold

Hopefully she is treated well and treats others well.

Imo, she is better than I was. Which is why she carries the torch. I'd trust her with any restaurant, loved by all.

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u/SilvertongueSiren Jul 05 '22

A restaurant I worked for back in the day kept trying to get me to write it down without compensation. I wanted a raise, they wanted my program that was raking in cash for them. I ended walking out and taking the only person who knew it as well as I did with me and that business is now barely making it today.


u/SuperSassyPantz Jul 05 '22

i had no idea that's how it worked behind the scenes... now i know why my mom always asked who was cooking, and if they got new ppl... as a kid, i always thought that was an odd thing to ask, but i didnt know better


u/getMeSomeDunkin Jul 05 '22

There's a mom & pop pizza joint down the street that literally has mom and pop cooking the pizza in the back.

You get a thinner crust when mom is cooking. You get a thicker crust when pop is cooking.


u/valgatiag Jul 05 '22

You just triggered a very specific memory for me.

Back in my college’s campus center, you could get calzones to order. I would order pepperoni, and most of the time you’d get a normal amount. But there was one specific lady who would just cram two whole fistfuls of pepperoni inside to make a glorious meat bomb.

Every time I walked in and saw her there, I knew it was a good day.

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u/purpleturtlehurtler Jul 05 '22

That's threatening and should be reported.


u/[deleted] Jul 05 '22



u/ShortstopSleepover Jul 05 '22

The Dude: Walter, what the F does any of this have to do with Vietnam?

Walter: well, there isn’t any literal connection…

The Dude: No, face it, there isn’t ANY CONNECTION! Everything’s a F-ing travesty with you, man!


u/Mutt_Bunch Jul 05 '22


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u/AliBarberTheSecond Jul 05 '22

Threatening to "send collection agents to dangle you off a building" is the best part.


u/SecretTime4Me Jul 05 '22 edited Jul 05 '22

not just collections agents, specifically serbian and cuban…. for some reason


u/johnnygalat Jul 05 '22

It seems like he thought those are the scariest.

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u/Evil-in-the-Air Jul 05 '22

If his business has been so successful for four decades, how did he end up in murder-worthy debt to two separate criminal loan sharks?

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u/HarryPottersElbows Jul 05 '22

I'm in the Midwest and I'm so curious about where this lunatic is.


u/MyBlueMeadow Jul 05 '22

Shakers, in Milwaukee.


u/Whatever0788 Jul 05 '22

Just looked up the Google reviews and the owner just responds “cancel culture” to all the negative reviews 💀


u/Oscar-Wilde-1854 Jul 05 '22

the owner just responds “cancel culture”

I love when people claim "cancel culture" as a reason for anything. It isn't a reason. It's a result.

The reason for the negativity is that you're a selfish, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, whatever else phobic asshole who said or did some awful shit. Getting cancelled is the result.

It's wild how the generations of "personal responsibility" or "pulling yourself up by the bootstraps" are completely unable to take responsibility for anything. "Could this be a result of my actions? No. No it's the children who are wrong".


u/itsdefinitely2021 Jul 05 '22

Back when the cancelling was stuff they approved of happening, they called it 'consequences'. Also a frequent contender for "shit that boomers say", 'play stupid games win stupid prizes'.

Now that they're the ones getting the stick, its the tragedy of 'cancel culture'.

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u/ges13 Jul 05 '22

Gotta secret to tell ya, lean in close

looks around to make sure no one's watching

The generation of personal responsibility NEVER practiced that shit.

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u/WoodOnWoodOnWood Jul 05 '22

Shakers in Milwaukee. Social media is a trip... Two big claims to fame: 1) bikini patio painting and 2) Dahmer loved the place

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u/ososalsosal Jul 05 '22

It's like that bit in Commando except instead of Arnie it's an unhinged loser who's too stupid to make the requisite action hero quips

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u/jacks_lack_of__ Jul 05 '22

The fuck does anything have to do with Vietnam, man!? What's the fucking travesty with you? Fuck, man.

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u/rmutt-1917 Jul 05 '22

I'm just assuming he's talking about shooting civilians and thinks he's tough shit for it.

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u/ZedShift-Music Jul 05 '22

What business is this? None of these posts make any difference in the real world unless the businesses are named


u/Mutt_Bunch Jul 05 '22

Shaker's Cigar Bar; Milwaukee


u/ShivaDestroy Jul 05 '22

"In the 1990s, it was an occasional haunt of infamous serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer"

Are they fucking serious? What kind of person does this?


u/HouseofAustrich Jul 05 '22

They literally sell tshirts of the guy according to a negative review left by a former employee on google reviews. Sheesh.

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u/pstewart91 Jul 05 '22

I just went to their Facebook, and the most recent thing on there was a post two days ago about China upsetting "the geo-political balance of the world."

And what's the profile picture for the Facebook of a cigar bar? Is it a stogie? A cocktail? Nope! Just a picture of an aging white guy standing in a field. Bizarre choice.

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u/faceofbeau Jul 05 '22

Found him on FB. Looks like an asshat.

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u/faceofbeau Jul 05 '22

Also what’s the deal with the annual deck painting thing with the girls in bikinis? Are they servers?

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u/Life-Gur-2616 Jul 05 '22

The kids just don't get it. They'll never get it... "THEY WEREN'T IN MY PLATOON IN NAM SO THEY'RE NOTHING"


u/learn2shoot9mm Jul 05 '22

"we" lost Vietnam, not a good analogy.

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u/ThatMizK Jul 05 '22

It's hilarious! So this 70+-year-old dude is seriously out here physically threatening people less than half his age like he's a badass? "Have the balls to look me up"? Like ... Google you? How much balls could that really require? What would I find? I don't think they have online documentation of war crimes


u/Sekh765 Jul 05 '22

I was very brave and went and looked him up online since his info was placed in this thread.

There's nothing about him in Vietnam. I don't think he was as important as he thinks he was. Shocking.

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u/Jalad_At-Tanagra Jul 05 '22

After all, this is not ‘nam. This is cooking. There are rules.

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u/housepuma Jul 05 '22

I would show that to the police. It is specifically threatening grievous bodily injury or death.

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u/KotzubueSailingClub Jul 05 '22

Absolutely. One other commenter mentioned being able to sue later for extortion (if it comes to that). Reporting this will establish the basis for such a suit if it the owner takes action on the threat.

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u/No_Vegetable7280 Jul 05 '22 Silver Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote

That’s a long winded way to say “ I am so garbage at management my staff walked out and I’m incapable of taking any responsibility so I am blaming you and threatening your life”


u/popejubal Jul 05 '22

Offers to fight them, threatens to have them killed, berates them... and tells them that they're not fired.

This is amazing. He's so desperate for workers that he didn't fire them even after threatening their lives.


u/Naive_Wolf3740 Jul 05 '22 Wholesome

“You are all 100% replaceable. I could find anyone to put in your place. Now, this week you’re working 6 days and 5 of those is a double and I need you to wash dishes in between serving.”


u/ShapirosWifesBF Jul 05 '22

My boss at an old retailer said the same thing to me and a few employees. "I can have new people in here TOMORROW to do your jobs."

So we quit right there. He called us to see if any of us would be willing to come in to cover until they could find a replacement, might be "two to three weeks, then you'll be allowed to quit."

Told him to suck my nuts. I don't believe he got anyone and we all reminded him that he said he'd have new people here today.


u/Vinkhol Jul 05 '22

Anytime you can stage a walkout it's nice to come back the next day in civie clothes and ask the new people how management is treating em

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u/squeezedballs Jul 05 '22

Allowed to quit?

The entitlement... it's over 9000


u/CapnSquinch Jul 05 '22

If you have to be allowed to quit, you are literally a slave.

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u/[deleted] Jul 05 '22 edited 28d ago



u/robvp Jul 05 '22

There was a lawsuit over a weekend but it was quickly dismissed on monday for being bullshit


u/Searchingforspecial Jul 05 '22

They were (briefly, I believe) stopped from going to a “competing” hospital and the reasoning was something like their specified skills were harder to replace and therefore such a high number needing to be replaced at once was going to cause financial damages or some corpocratic bullshit.


u/[deleted] Jul 05 '22 edited 28d ago


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u/krawkpaladin Jul 05 '22

Yeah, it was a bunch of radiology staff in Wisconsin that were moving from one hospital system to another and the hospital system in they were leaving basically asked the state to stop the staff from starting their new jobs. It lasted for about a weekend before the judge dropped the injunction/restraining order, but I think the lawsuit is still ongoing.

Y'know, because the parallels to actually being slaves weren't clear enough already. Also, totally an encouraging story to tell folks that want to go into medicine. "Pick your first job carefully, because your employer will own you forever unless they decide to get rid of you."

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u/Taco_Hurricane Jul 05 '22

"Don't forget we are taking collections to help pay for David's surgery after the.... misplaced kitchen equipment situation.... I'm sure we can all pull together and help him out. Also remember, big smiles! We are a family!"


u/DemonChild- Jul 05 '22

you forgot the “and HOW DARE YOU ASK FOR A RAISE your $2.50/hr plus tips is MORE than enough! Why aren’t you reporting your tips ‘correctly’ (over what you actually got)?”


u/UndevelopedNipple Jul 05 '22

$2.13 an hour… wish it were $2.50


u/DemonChild- Jul 05 '22


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u/ValanaraRose Jul 05 '22

Kitchen staff are very rarely making tips anyway.

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u/Sam-Gunn Jul 05 '22

"See, now a lot of managers just up and fire people. But that's just because they don't have good managerial skills. Any good manager knows you need to incentivize employees! And it doesn't even have to be good incentives, either. Just like the cartels in Mexico, you can easily threaten to chop off a digit, or dangle someone from a tall building, or threaten their family, and those workers will bust their butts for you!"

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u/TheRealCaptainZoro Jul 05 '22

Yeah it's amazing he still has a job putting this out there.

What a sad and violent existence


u/fu9ar_ Jul 05 '22

This is some venue owner bullshit for sure.


u/matzhue Jul 05 '22

They always think they're the special capitalists

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u/Dense_Surround3071 Jul 05 '22

"Sooooo...... Just to be clear. I don't have to come in for the lunch shift today. Right?"

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u/[deleted] Jul 05 '22

After reading this can only imagine what it was like working with someone like that. The delusions good lord

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u/_Didds_ Jul 05 '22

shhhhhhhh ... that dude was in the Nam mannnn ... his buddies died with their face down in the muck


u/i_am_your_attorney Jul 05 '22


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u/Andhrimnir4all Jul 05 '22

Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules.

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u/ShortstopSleepover Jul 05 '22

Just here for the Lebowski references 😎


u/Ben_Elf1984 Jul 05 '22

I'm staying.

Finishing my coffee!


u/CallMeJessIGuess Jul 05 '22

You want a toe? I can get you a toe.


u/LilRedForeman Jul 05 '22

Through uncontrolled giggles They send us a toe and we’re supposed to shit ourselves in fear

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u/Most-Artichoke5028 Jul 05 '22

That rug really tied the room together, man.

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u/spacecakes78 Jul 05 '22

Shut the fuck up Donnie.

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u/J4netSn4kehole Jul 05 '22

"Make me money while I treat you like shit and don't you dare have anything to say about it"

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u/Otherwise-Show5897 Jul 05 '22

That’s what I read lol

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u/TheVoodooPuppet Jul 05 '22

Threatening your old staff with extortion? Man thats great to post publicly about, now if anything happens to any of them the police are making him Numero Uno


u/a_frayn Jul 05 '22

Umm, no, this is a death threat... don't just save it... send it to the police immediately.


u/TVLL Jul 05 '22 edited Jul 05 '22

Absolutely. As an older person, that part about Vietnam was definitely a death threat.

Edit: Didn’t have my glasses on so did not see the second page. That’s even worse.


u/Sagybagy Jul 05 '22

What the fuck was that even about? Did he kill his workers in Vietnam when they didn’t work right? Was he some kind of restaurant owner in Vietnam? Or is he talking about war crimes where he killed people just trying to cook food?


u/codemanb Jul 05 '22

I think he is talking about what was done to deserters in Vietnam. And yeah, it was a death threat.


u/NRMusicProject Jul 05 '22

More like what he fantasized about doing in Vietnam. He's just trying to look like a 70 year-old badass.


u/Mission_Historian_70 Jul 05 '22


classic Boomer bitch.

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u/ThePoacher55 Jul 05 '22

Not just deserters, they would kill eager officers who would push their soldiers into patrols “accidentally”.


u/Druidmonkey2 Jul 05 '22

That is the explanation of "fragging" that I remember reading in The 10000 Day War many years ago. It was inexperienced officers leading experienced enlisted men who had been in country longer. The officers gave orders the enlisted men knew were likely to get them killed so the enlisted men would "accidentally" toss a grenade the officers way.

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u/Walmart_Feet23 Jul 05 '22

He says he was in 'Nam. What he doesn't say was he was there in the 90's running a sweatshop.


u/Bottom_of_the_bottle Jul 05 '22

Hey, a lot of good people died in that sweatshop.


u/Itsawlinthereflexes Jul 05 '22 I'm Deceased

Those that did....got tossed in the soup too!


u/selfinducedpsychosis Jul 05 '22

I was making money hand over foot...literally. if somebody lost a hand or foot, I'd throw it in the soup!

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u/Hazardbeard Jul 05 '22 edited Jul 05 '22

The only thing I can imagine he’s trying to say is that in Nam there were instances of “fragging,” which is the practice of killing (directly or via manipulation) an officer or any other superior who was viewed as dangerously incompetent. So he’s saying in the war they murdered coworkers who fucked the team over this badly.

Except if you could find out he fragged a superior in Vietnam by googling him, he’d have likely spent a very long time in military prison and would know better than to brag about it. And, obviously, in this scenario he is the officer.


u/LiteralPhilosopher Jul 05 '22

I mean, if he fragged an officer and got away with it, his attitude makes sense. He probably believes he can continue to kill people he doesn't like, without repercussions. And there also wouldn't be a public record of his involvement.


u/ClinkyDink Jul 05 '22

He doesn’t realize he’s become the bad guy with the power in this scenario.

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u/Quigbar Jul 05 '22

All of the above.

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u/RQK1996 Jul 05 '22

How about the part where he said his acquaintances will dangle the staff from tall buildings?


u/AnastasiaNo70 Jul 05 '22

Also the dangling you from a tall building thing.

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u/OtakuB3N Jul 05 '22

And dangling from a tall building

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u/TinaLoco Jul 05 '22

Agreed. This is a credible threat worthy of police intervention. The author sounds unhinged.


u/por_que_no Jul 05 '22

Sounds like Samy from Amy's Baking Company.

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u/nomadic_stone Jul 05 '22

Came to post the same thing. This isn't just a "I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse" hyperbole, this was literally a "You fucked around, and now you're going to find out" guarantee.


u/Draegur Jul 05 '22

It is THE OWNER who fucked around and is now in the finding out phase.

Fuck their business.

Fuck it to death.

Fuck it in hell.

Fuck it for eternity.

And fuck that owner too.

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u/mohavewolfpup Jul 05 '22

And the whole "How we treated this in vietnam" thing also.

Did some one just admit to war crimes? (from a united states perspective?) or he is Vietnamese?

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u/dragerien Jul 05 '22 edited Jul 05 '22

Yea, save this, as this is ammo for legally suing his ass off for threatening the staff.

Edit: Literally save it, as in keep the file so he can't just delete it. Not save it for later as in sue him later*


u/sonofaclow Jul 05 '22

But, but what about his Serbian Cubans??! /s


u/lolexecs Jul 05 '22

I'm surprised that he didn't use Chechens and Bolivians


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u/EvitaPuppy Jul 05 '22 edited Jul 05 '22 Gold

They share 50/50 with Cristobal.

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u/8racoonsInABigCoat Jul 05 '22

Solving a Serbik’s Cube

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u/hewhoisneverobeyed Jul 05 '22

Take that to the police. NOW.

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u/artificialavocado SocDem Jul 05 '22

That’s because many of these small business tyrants are the most entitled people. Entitled to customers, entitled employees to treat like shit, entitled to have the label “heroic job creator.”


u/mohavewolfpup Jul 05 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

Whatever do you mean? /s

“I needed a server three months ago when I put the ad out," said Owner <Entitled Boomer>. "I had six people apply. That was it.”

<Entitled Boomer> says it has been a struggle trying to get fully staffed. She says her core employees have been great but still the business still has positions that need to be filled, especially in the back of the house.

“Maybe we will get 12 applicants for a position and no one will come in. No one will even return a call,” she said.

It’s resulted in <Entitled Boomer> working some shifts as a hostess and closing on most Sundays to give her workers a breather.

<Entitled Boomer> believes the hiring struggle may stem from a combination of generous unemployment benefits and people simply leaving the restaurant industry for different jobs. However, she’s seen an uptick in applicants in recent weeks and hopes more will come and respond."

With another news station, this entitled brat also whined about not being able to have kitchen workers either. (Suck it up lady, you are the owner. The owner/manager covers any empty shifts. No one cares for your plight. Pull yourself up by your boot straps and put down the wine glass!)

Ironically in the market for a job myself, looked it up. Turns out she was low balling the workers by about 0.56/hr - 3.00/hr +/- the median wage for the area (not adjusted for $15/hr with so many places, just using what the state reported)

The double icing on the cake? She bought the business from the previous owners who retired because she... drum roll was a drunk excuse me customer there. For about 7 years, she basically had others manning the helm of her ship while she got plastered off her ass in the bar... (Kitchen Nightmares anyone?)

Then a little event called Teh 'rona hit and crashed her ship straight onto the rocks... Around that time, $15/hr started becoming the norm and between social distancing requirements with restaurants and other places like major retailers paying more, a massive shake up happened in the industry. Seen many just talk about "Bye bye restaurant industry! I can make more stocking shelves at a store and put up with far less crap (and actual wages!) then the industry! No more wage theft, working off the clock and more. Bye!"

She whined about that also in another news report on her failing business. Something else also about places being able to deliver alcohol, so that further killed her Drunken dream of everyone else during her work as she ripped them off and lived in comfort...

Revisited her employment page for giggles about 4-5 months ago, low and behold she shook enough change out of her couch cushions to have wages starting at $15/hr... Huh, guess she could afford it after all! In the words of Red Forman.... eh heh heh


u/monsterflake Jul 05 '22

they're still talking about those unemployment benefits like they made the serfs independently wealthy. they literally think it's still going on and the dishwashers are lounging on a carribean beach somewhere instead of sweating their ass off in the kitchen.


u/koolaideprived Jul 05 '22

My mom still says nobody wants to work. I pulled up our state unemployment rate which is pretty much a historic low, then I found new business applications for our area, of which there were over 1000 in the past year for a population of 100k in a large county. We have also had a huge influx of out of state retirees and independently wealthy, along with pandemic refugees who work from home. Not many of those people are looking for jobs in the 15/hr range.

Everybody is working, tons of people took the opportunity to move industries or start their own business, and our population is top heavy with older experienced workers who won't work base jobs. Yet it is because nobody wants to work.

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u/winterbird Jul 05 '22

Worse, this is literally a murder threat.

And let me guess, Chef was being abusive to staff and people stood up for themselves.

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u/MercoMultimedia Jul 05 '22

I don't understand the Nam reference, is.... is he going to napalm his staff?


u/Mutt_Bunch Jul 05 '22

C'mon Smoke this isn't Nam, this is bowling, there are rules.

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u/constantchaosclay Jul 05 '22 edited Jul 05 '22

I think he meant fragging.

Which is when enlisted (one or group effort) would roll a grenade into the tent of their LT or officer. Normally because the LT was ignorant and doing stupid things/issuing bad orders that got other men killed. And the men were tired of dying.

I think he’s trying to say you don’t fuck over your own team and should expect death if you do. (Hence the further threat to dangle people off buildings)

Of course it’s very ironic that he’s the LT in his own stupid scenario. Plus it seems like his chef walked with all the recipes which is kind of like setting a bomb off in running a restaurant. So they nonviolently fragged him. Lol

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u/Spinningthruspace Jul 05 '22

Oh boy, a written death threat??? That’s gonna be some tasty tasty court ordered money or jail time.

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u/HouseHusband1 Jul 05 '22

How this was handled in Vietnam was a process called "fragging". Boomer is lucky he is in the modern age and his horrid management only resulted in a failed business.


u/UniqueFlavors Jul 05 '22

Wasn't that where they tossed a grenade in a tent of someone they didn't like or was dangerous


u/bigdtbone Jul 05 '22

Typically the enlisted would do this to new LT’s who were constantly doing stupid shit that was getting people killed.

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u/justelectricboogie Jul 05 '22

Just pissed cause he didn't get invited.


u/Legi0ndary Jul 05 '22

I feel like this is the real cause.


u/justelectricboogie Jul 05 '22

I'm kinda pissed too....sounds like a great party

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u/romafa Jul 05 '22

What the fuck?

“You guys leaving cost me my business”

“don’t be surprised if my people come after you”

“You’re all replaceable”

What an entitled asshole

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u/Bist040 Jul 05 '22

"... how you treated my business."

Sounds like a boomer who doesn't know how to treat workers.


u/UniqueFlavors Jul 05 '22

Maybe, just maybe he should have been running the business instead of putting all his eggs in one basket. Who does that? Give your workers the power to absolutely destroy you while simultaneously treating them like shit. How did that guy stay in business for 40 years being that stupid.


u/imeuru Jul 05 '22

I’ll bet you anything he recently inherited it.

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u/Overdamped_PID-17 Communist Jul 05 '22

Awwww that’s so sad… I can’t hold back my tears of sympathy. How much are you paying your Cubans to get shot for murder in the mid-west? How much would you pay the Serbians to kill the Cubans if they partied on your cents? Do they charge extra if you want the bodies dangling off a building? And think of the poor landlords trying to make an honest living!


u/defnotajournalist Jul 05 '22

It's all so damn recalcitrant.

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u/[deleted] Jul 05 '22

Aww is little boomer angey?


u/Jackamalio626 Refuses to be a wage slave Jul 05 '22

you know for people obsessed with "hard work", they sure get fuckin mad when they have to do the work themselves and cant exploit other people to do it for them while they reap the lions share.

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u/Hypamania Jul 05 '22

Does the wittle boomer need the bitty?

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u/Kiaro_Ghostfaced Jul 05 '22

That last Part can be considered a threat on your life, file a police report asap.

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u/JadeHellbringer Unionize, you bastards! Jul 05 '22

Well, I'm shaking in MY boots, anyway. This guy knows Nico from GTA4, holy shit!


u/GlassWasteland Jul 05 '22

That makes me think that one of the radio channels for GTA6, if there ever is a GTA6, should just be people complaining about heir work, their boss, or quitting in spectacular fashion with some really funny/stupid boss antics thrown in.

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u/Thethrdman3 Jul 05 '22

This mother fucker thinks he's Tony Soprano, sir calm down before your COPD starts acting up...... also drop that home address im feeling a bonfire


u/Disappointed-hyena Jul 05 '22

Not calling you out or anything as there is no way to know if you were involved or not, but this was posted and got big a few weeks ago with little to no background. Do you have any?

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u/lostcauz707 Jul 05 '22

When businesses actually fail like they are supposed to in capitalism.

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u/Fuzzy-Boss-4815 Jul 05 '22

Why would anyone want to walk out of such a friendly environment???

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u/virgilreality Jul 05 '22

Send this to the police, the state restaurant board, and the state labor board.


u/BugabuseMe Jul 05 '22

That boss is such a nice person he even gave you a free lawsuit evidence, he really wants to give away all his money


u/Tgindirect Jul 05 '22

Man if I was apart of half of these post I would either be ballin out or laughing at the fact that they dont own anything anymore


u/Mutt_Bunch Jul 05 '22

Every upvote and comment has me giggling like a kid, this is the funniest shit I've ever read as a BOH worker.

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u/twitchlikesporn Jul 05 '22

Thats a serious threat. Take it to the police.